Corn Mazes

Explore Treinen Farm’s unique, award-winning designs

Treinen Farm Mazes

Part work of art, part outdoor game, part social experiment, Treinen Farm’s unique mazes are worth a visit.


Making a Treinen Maze

Designed and created entirely by the Treinens

Angie Treinen spends months collecting ideas and sketching out designs, and then once she settles on a theme she can begin the graphic design process. In early June, Alan Treinen plants the corn in a grid pattern, and then he leads a crew to cut the design into the field by hand. It’s all done before the corn is about a foot tall.


Get Lost

How to conquer the maze

It’s not all about wandering: we give you a mission when you start the maze, and then add levels of challenge. Depending on your group’s abilities and desires, the main maze experience can be anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours. And did we mention that there are prizes?

String Theory Maze 

Did you notice the ball of string that the kitty is playing with? This is our String Theory Maze–an extra challenge hidden within the larger maze.

Similar to our Circle Maze from past years, you will explore the String Theory maze with no map. It’s an entirely different experience with different goals and challenges. Expert level!

Treinen Farm String Theory Maze

Treinen Farm voted one of the ten best corn mazes in the U.S. “Each autumn farms across the United States transform their corn fields into interactive mazes, perfect for a fall family outing. There are more than 500 of these mazes across the nation, but 10Best voted it down to 10 of the most exemplary, both for the quality of the maze itself and for the wealth of other activities on offer.” 

USA Today 10Best

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