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We Grow Memories

We’ve been here for three generations

And fall is our favorite time of year

Our mission is to provide our guests a unique, entertaining way to connect with family, friends, and rural Wisconsin, and to provide a sustainable way of life for our farm family and local community.

The home of the Treinen Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is a real 200-acre farm.  It has been in the Treinen family for nearly a century. Alan is the eighth of ten children, and the third generation of Treinens to farm this land.

Alan grows hay, soybeans, corn, and pumpkins, and he cuts and tends the corn mazes. He breeds and trains the iconic Treinen Farm Belgian and Percheron draft horses. He maintains the farm and its equipment.  He designs, builds, and maintains the all of the attractions that go along with our corn maze. He’s a busy guy all year round.

Angie (Lathrop) Treinen is the corn maze designer and all-around creator of fall fun. 

Sons Thomas and Patrick are the next generation of the Treinen Farm.

Patrick, Angie, Alan, and Thomas Treinen

A lot of people ask how we decided to put in the corn maze, which we did in 2001. We already had a small pumpkin patch business, and a lot of people brought their kids year after year when they were little, but often they’d stop coming when the kids got older. When we added the corn maze and other activities, we created a fall tradition for a much wider range of ages. Now, a lot of people of make us their “fall thing” and do come back year after year, whether it’s with family or friends or workplaces.

Angie Treinen


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