Frequently Asked Questions

And some questions you didn’t think to ask

If your question is “what is happening in this photo?”, the answer is “our horse, Jessie, dressed as a unicorn, is being pulled in a Lodi parade by a team of humans.”


Do I need a reservation?

Depends. If you are planning an event or a visit when we are not normally open, check out our Groups Page to find info and a reservation form link. If you are planning to come when we have regular hours (weekends) the only thing you would need a reservation for is if you’d like to reserve a bonfire area.

What forms of payment does Treinen Farm accept?

We accept all credit cards and cash at our ticket building and at concessions and souvenir shops. Pony rides, Kettle Korn, Pumpkin Slingshot, and Jacob’s Ladder only accept cash. We have an ATM during our main season in October.

Sorry, personal checks are not accepted, although we can take business and school checks.

What does General Admission include?

All admission packages include Farm General Admission 

  • Natural Play Area
  • Molehill Mountain Slide Adventure Area
  • Tractor Tire Playground
  • Children’s Maze and Finger Fun Game
  • Friendly Farm Animals
  • Hay Mow Fort and Spider Web
  • Little Farmer Area
  • Picnic and Concessions Area
  • Baby Animals–goats, bunnies, kittens, chicks, calves, piglets
  • Dress A Scarecrow
  • Silo Climber
  • Giant Chess/Checkers/Lasso a Cow/Dooryard Games
  • Hand Pump Duck Races
  • Gaga Ball
  • Hula Horses
  • Shops– grab a snack or a souvenir
  • And more…

Check out these activities here


What activities are an additional charge?
  • Pumpkin Slingshot $1.00 for 3 tries
  • Jacob’s Ladder $1.00 for 2 tries
  • Bounce House $1.00
  • Pony Rides (when available) $5.00
  • Gemstone Mining $5.00
Is the Children's Maze an extra charge?

No. The Children’s Maze is a small corn maze that you won’t get very lost in, so it’s good for all ages. It’s included in all admission packages. It includes the Finger Fun Game–find the five stations in the maze, color your fingertips, and then perform your Finger Funny.

Do you offer group rates?

We offer special rates for groups, private events, and youth field trips.

If you have a group of twenty or more and are paying with a single transaction, you can received $1.00 off per person.  

Learn more about groups, field trips, and private events here.



Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, no non-human animals (except for service animals) may accompany you on your visit. It’s a liability thing; trust us, we do actually love dogs just as much as we love people (okay, maybe a little more…)

Is smoking allowed?

Sorry — corn, hay, and fire do not play well together. The Treinen Farm is a non-smoking, non-vaping, fresh country air kind of place.

Are weapons allowed?


Food & drink

Can I bring a picnic?

Yes, you may bring in food.   We have lots of picnic tables.

Do you sell food?

From beverages to snacks to sandwiches and everything in between, we have full concession service on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday from the last weekend in September until the end of October.  And lots of picnic tables.  And caramel apples and apple donuts.  Just saying.

Throughout our entire season (Labor Day weekend through mid-November) we have snacks for sale in the Old Chicken House Store.

Can I bring in alcohol?

No, and we do not sell alcoholic beverages. 

Can we have alcohol at our private event?

Private groups should contact us in advance for alcohol policies.


What is the hayride schedule?

The hayrides run continuously when available (see Plan Your Visit for days and times.) You do not need a reservation. Pumpkin Patch Fun and Do-It-All Packages include the hayride as well as your choice of pumpkin.

Field trips and private events that include hayrides are scheduled by reservation.

How long does a hayride last?

The hayride takes about fifteen minutes each way. You load up in the barnyard and enjoy a ride on a tree-lined trail past the pond, to the pumpkin patch. Once you’ve explored the patch and picked the perfect pumpkin, hop back on the wagon to head back to the farm.

Are all the hayrides horse-drawn?

The Treinen Farm’s draft horses are an iconic part of the experience, and we strive to make sure every visitor gets to enjoy the horses if they wish. However, in the case of horse sickness, lameness, excessive heat, dangerously slippery conditions, or extremely busy days, we will put a tractor-drawn wagons into the rotation to make sure the horses are safe and not overworked, and that guests get to the pumpkin patch in a timely fashion. You can always wait for the next horse-drawn ride if you wish, and definitely hop on a horse wagon on the way back if you ride the tractor wagon on the way out.


Do you offer group rates?

We offer special rates for groups, private events, and youth field trips.

If you have a group of twenty or more and are paying with a single transaction, you can received $1.00 off per person.  Learn more about groups and private events here.

We offer youth field trip packages for the farm, pumpkin patch, and maze.  Learn more about field trips here.


What if I don't know who is going to actually show up if I plan an event?

We have strategies for this sort of thing.  Learn about the Treinen Farm Voucher Program.

Can my group visit outside of regular hours?

Yes. We schedule groups (even very small ones) for times that we are not open.  Find out more on our groups page. Or, if you are talking about a school or youth group, start with our field trip page.


Where can I get a pumpkin?

The Main Pumpkin Patch (on the far side of the pond) is only accessible by the hayride.  (Pumpkin Patch Fun and Do-It-All packages include the hayride to the Main Patch.)  Learn more about admission packages here.

All farm admissions include access to walk-to patches, including:

The Farm Fables Pumpkin Patch, with small to medium sized pumpkins. An easy walk past the Molehill Mountain area.

The Upper Main Pumpkin Patch with all sizes and shapes of pumpkins. A longer walk along the pond.

You can find pre-picked pumpkins for sale in the farmyard as well.


How much do pumpkins cost?

The Pumpkin Patch Fun and Do-It-All admission packages include your choice of one any size pumpkin. Pumpkins can also be purchased by size ($3 to $12.)

Can we carve pumpkins at our picnic table?

Yes, but let us know in advance so we can protect picnic tables with newspaper and make sure you have a trash barrel handy.


Where can I take our stroller?

All-terrain strollers work well at the farm, including in the maze.  We cannot take strollers on the hayrides, however.


Is Treinen Farm wheelchair-friendly?

It depends on the wheelchair. Most surfaces at the farm are flat, and are either gravel, grass, or mulch. The maze is hard-packed dirt, which can get slippery when wet. We can get wheelchairs on the wagon rides, but this requires an advance reservation (and we can’t get wheelchairs off at the pumpkin patch.) Contact us for details.


Do I need a reservation?

Yes, reservations are required for bonfires.  Reserve a bonfire area here.

Can I bring food to roast over the fire?

Yes, please do!

And, of course, you need s’mores.  We sell everything you need in our shop, or you can bring your own.

Can we bring coolers/chairs/misc household items?


How many people can fit around a fire or in each bonfire area?

If you have more than about 25 in your group, consider reserving 2 or more bonfire areas.

Can we pick where our bonfire will be?

If you’ve been here before and have a strong preference, you can let us know on the booking form and we’ll see what we can do.

Can we carve pumpkins at our bonfire area?

Yes, but let us know in advance so we can protect picnic tables with newspaper and make sure you have a trash barrel handy.

Do we need to pay for the bonfire reservation in advance?

No, but please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel so we can open the site up.

Does everyone need to pay admission or can some people in the group just come in to sit by the fire?

Everyone must pay admission. See Plan Your Visit for admission options.

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