Fall Fun Specialists

Employment at the Treinen Farm

Apply to join our team for a fast-paced fall season in the fall.

If you haven’t visited our farm before, explore our website to see what we do before you apply.



  • Help guests have a great day at the farm. Keep them safe, meet their needs promptly, and have an exceptional attitude all day.
  • Rotate through positions like check-in staff, prize-giver-outer, retail stocker, lost-child-finder, cashier, gemstone mining expert, cleaner-upper, pumpkin-picker, and more…
  • Enjoy and entertain customers. Take their pictures. Comment on their adorable children and excellent taste in pumpkins.
  • Be aware that all of the positions at the farm require excellent customer service (which we will teach you about!)
  • Some staff will work weekdays to help with school groups.


  • Be willing to talk to people you don’t know
  • Be kind to customers, fellow employees, and yourself
  • Be willing to learn, to try new things, to make mistakes
  • Be able to arrive on time, keep your schedule current on WhenToWork, respond promptly to work emails, and communicate accurately and excellently with managers
  • Be at least 14 by the third weekend in September.
  • Be able to work outside, dress for the weather, and be active.
  • Be able to work 2 shifts on most October weekends.


  • Don’t worry, we provide complete training for all positions. But we do want to hear about experience you may have with other jobs or volunteer work.


  • We work our employee schedules around school, sports, and other employment.

Be Honest:

  • Look, being a Fall Fun Specialist isn’t for everyone. It requires a lot of hard work along with all the fun–who knew that smiling all day can be so exhausting! Only apply if this all actually sounds like it fits your personality.

    Ready for fall fun?

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    Gemstone Mining Employee
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