Treinen Farm


The stars of the farm

The Teams
  • Maggie and Mabel
  • Queen and Babe
  • Louie and Leon
  • Moby and Jester
  • Jessie and Josie
  • Flirt, Flint, Dot — In Training
  • Dick and Doc — Retired

With the retirements of several of our horses (as well as our drivers), we no longer give horse-drawn wagon rides at the farm. Visitors can still see the horses, though, and if you visit Rex Miller’s Christmas Tree farm in Rio, the Treinen Farm horses will be giving rides there.

Louie and Leon, both Percherons

Our history with horses

Alan Treinen got his first horse, Tonka, at age sixteen (and had his first broken arm a week later…) He bought his first team of Belgians, Pat and Mike, in 1990, and started giving wagon rides at a campground down the road. Once he began planting pumpkins and giving horse-drawn rides, the Treinen Farm draft horses became an area icon. We now have twelve draft horses on the farm, and five of them were born here. We spend a lot of the summer baling hay for the horses to eat in the winter.¬†

Meet a gentle draft horse 

Our biggest horses weigh about 2,000 lbs

Jessie and Josie
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