Treinen Farm 2013 Corn Maze

Finally! The design for 2013 is finished, and the crew is working on getting it cut into the field!

Octopus mosaic

The inspiration for this year’s maze started with thinking about octopi, which are one of my favorite animals.

Kraken attacking a ship idea for corn maze

I collected a lot of images of octopi, but I realized that an octopus wasn’t quite exciting enough on its own…but a giant squid, or better yet, a Kraken, is definitely maze-worthy.

wind map idea for corn maze

Once I settled on the squid, I found some old maps that had sea monsters and often really ornate compass roses, which worked well.

Corn maze idea

I tried to fit in some other images, like the face of the wind blowing and the ship sailing over the edge of the world, but they didn’t work within the size of the field.

Here There Be Monsters Corn Maze
Here There Be Monsters–perfect theme for our 2013 corn maze