Treinen Farm 2013 Sea Monster Corn Maze

The Kraken has emerged from the corn field! (Drone photo courtesy of DMZ Aerial

The maze has been cut into the field and all the paths have been tilled. Now, we’ll check the photos against the design for accuracy, and adjust either the corn field or the map as necessary. And the corn needs to grow about another five feet or so–it’s 3-4 feet tall right now, but at this stage it can grow 4-6 inches a day if it’s hot.

This is the first time we’ve had a drone take the preliminary photos, and we are super impressed–both with how well the photos turned out, and about how much fun it was to have the drone flying around. Mitchell Fiene with DMZ Aerial (¬†stopped by with our nephew (who is in the ag industry) and we got a look at the future of crop scouting.

OK, drones are the future of a lot of things, but they are very big in the agriculture industry right now–it’s incredible to be able to look for crop damage from the air. Mitchell even said he was hoping to be able to swoop down and look for pest species of insects–the drones can take great photos from ¬†above, as in our maze photo, but also have the capability to fly very low with the high resolution camera. I suggested he come back in a couple of weeks and we’d probably have some cucumber beetles in our pumpkin patch (he was thrilled.)