Maze Field Trips

What is a corn maze?

It's an interactive outdoor game.
It's a challenge for the whole family to conquer together.
It's teambuilding opportunity.
It's REALLY fun!
Enjoy a unique experience-find your way through our 15-acre cornfield maze with over 4 miles of twists, turns and dead ends. Challenge yourself, your friends, and family members to solve the maze and find all the clues in this mind-boggling living puzzle.  There's a special prize for those persistent enough to find ALL the secret locations in the maze.
How to solve the maze:

Maze Map Treinen FarmInitial Challenge:  You will be given a map to the maze—easy, right?  However, most of the map is blank, and your mission is to find the seven mailboxes in the maze and complete your map puzzle to find your way out.  Requires map reading, teamwork, and persistence.  Time required: approximately 45 minutes to one hour (could be more if you are navigationally-challenged...)

Lost in the mazeSecret Locations:  Once you have a complete map of the maze, try to find the eight secret locations in the maze—they are not shown on the map, and finding them requires strategy and stamina.  Only about 2% of maze visitors can find all eight—are you up to the challenge?  Prizes!!  Time required: 1 - 2+ hours, some take several days...
Proud kids in maze Treinen FarmAlternate ways to enjoy the maze:  Got younger children or adults who aren't up to the challenge?  Take a complete map and wander around at your leisure.  Bail out when you get tired of looking at corn or when the whining starts...
Don't worry, we find all visitors by mid-November when we harvest the maze!


Hints and Tips:
  • The cornfield is flat and the trails are hard packed dirt.  The walking surfaces can be slightly uneven and can get slippery after a rain.
  • Take water into the maze with you, especially on hot days.  Use the bathroom before you go - there are no "facilities" in the maze.
  • Try the observation tower before or after your maze adventure—it's fun to see the groups with colorful flags try to navigate the maze.
  • Groups of three to six people work well in the maze - that way, everyone can have a chance to participate.  If you have a larger group, consider splitting into smaller groups and see who can find their way out first.
  • Time your group through the maze—let us know your time and we'll tell you how you rank.
  • Each group gets a super secret complete map stapled shut and not to be opened except in case or dire emergency.  Turn in your unopened complete map for a piece of candy at our exit station.
  • All terrain strollers work well in the maze.  Bring your own or we have a few for visitors to use.  You can bring a wagon to pull younger children in if you like.
Open until 9 pm on Friday and Saturday nights! Bring your flashlights...

How do we design the maze? See our blog Math.Corn.Fun. for a series of videos about our maze design process.