Real fun on a real farm

Things to Do, See, Explore

Get outside this fall

The Treinen Farm is more than amazing mazes and acres of pumpkins.  We try to offer all kinds of unique and interesting experiences to engage the senses, mind, and body of adults as well as kids. We invite you to spend a day in the country. Take a walk in the woods. Bring a picnic. See what’s around the next corner. We believe very strongly in the human need for time in the natural world, so enjoy the relaxed pace and soak up the beautiful fall Wisconsin countryside.

Climb, crawl, run, slide

Active Play

Our activity areas are all kid-powered and primarily made of natural and repurposed materials. We try to invent unique play opportunities that you won’t find at typical playgrounds (and we award ourselves extra bonus points for anything that gets adults playing as well!)


  • Molehill Mountain — Double 40-foot tubes slides, tire climbers, spooky cave
  • Tractor Tire playground
  • Natural Playground
  • Haymow with Spider Webs, Hay Fort, Slack Lines
  • Little Farmer Area
  • Corn Pit
  • Boulder Climber
  • Hand Pump Duck Races
  • Hook-and-Ring, giant jenga/chess/checkers
  • Tetherball
  • Hula Hoop Horses
  • Gaga Ball
Boy on Molehill Mountain slide
DUck Races at Treinen Farm
Giant Chess Set at Treinen Farm
Little one on a big log
Slack Line

Take a Hike

Over Hill and Dale

We have walking trails throughout the farm, especially around the pond area and to the various pumpkin patches. If you’re up for a little bit more of a hike, we have a wide open lane that will take you up on the hill to hidden oak groves and gorgeous overlooks–and don’t miss the 250+ year-old bur oaks and restored remnant prairie at the bluff overlook. There are many acres to explore, but because the hillside lane is mostly clear of brush, you can just go up as far as you like and come back down any time–you aren’t committed to a long trail at any point.

Walking on hill
Scenic Overlook
Playing With Stick
Going Into Tunnel
Oak Tree and bench
Desire path two women walking

Here There Be Fairies

The Enchanted Woods

Explore this little patch of hilly woods with twisty trails–it’s a very short hike just beyond the play areas. It’s a perfect spot to explore, and if you look closely, you will find fairy doors up in the trees. Can you find them all?

Blue Fairy Door
Fairy Woods Trail
Aqua fairy door
Frog in Enchanted Woods Mailbox

Friendly Furry Feathery

Barnyard Animals

Our barnyard animals love to be fed and show off for visitors. We always have goats, chickens, our miniature horse, and the draft horses, and depending on the time of year you may see pigs, turkeys, and chicks.

Baby pig and mother
Fairy Woods Trail
Baby chicks at Treinen Farm Petting zoo
Rooster and hen
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