Make us your fall thing.

Things to Do, See, Explore

We believe that everyone–not just kids–needs a place and a time to play. We try to offer all kinds of unique and interesting experiences to engage the senses, mind, and body. 

Get Outside


The Treinen Farm is more than amazing mazes and acres of pumpkins. We invite you to spend a day in the country. Take a walk in the woods. Bring a picnic. See what’s around the next corner. In the natural parts of the farm, the pace is relaxed, so you can soak up the beautiful fall Wisconsin countryside.


  • “The Wild” — explore the woods and hillside. Take a hike, play in the woods.
  • Natural Playground — climb trees, build a fort
  • Ice Age Rocks Boulder Climber

Simply Fun

Active Play

Climbing, crawling, running, hiding. Take everyone home tired and happy.


  • Molehill Mountain — Double 40-foot tubes slides, tire climbers, spooky cave
  • Tractor Tire playground
  • Natural Playground

Take a Hike

Walking Trails

Explore the NEW hiking trails and scenic overlook. Our draft horses are not only great at giving wagon rides–they are also our brush-clearers. They’ve been busy making trails all summer.


  • Visit the restored remnant prairie on the limestone bluff
  • Wander in the woods
  • Bring a picnic
  • Look for fairy doors in the Fairy Woods
  • Build a fort
Scenic Overlook

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