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Pumpkin Patch

Over twenty varieties of pumpkins

Baby with pumpkin

Pick Your Pumpkins

We have three pumpkin patches within easy walking distance as well as pre-picked pumpkins to choose from. Grab a wheelbarrow or pumpkin wagon and find the perfect pumpkin. We plant eighteen acres of pumpkins and over twenty-five varieties, and you can explore the fields until you find that perfect pumpkin.

Pumpkins are priced by the piece and range from $3 to $15. Pre-purchase your pumpkin online with your tickets and save: only $8 for any size pumpkin.

2021 Update — as of this writing, we will not be offering horse drawn wagon rides in 2021

Girls with pumpkin
Girl with pumpkins
kids with pumpkins
Girl by pumpkin wagon
pumpkin patch
Kiss with pumpkin
Stacks of pumpkins

Carving your pumpkin

  • Have a pattern in mind? Bring it with you to find the right pumpkin to fit it.
  • Make your carved pumpkin last longer. Molds and bacteria make your pumpkin rot, so disinfect the surface before you carve. Wash your pumpkin in a mild bleach solution and then dry before carving. Use clean carving tools.
  • Make it last even longer. Carved pumpkins dry out and collapse eventually. Revive your pumpkin by placing it a bucket of water (or a garbage bag  with water) for a few hours.
  • Don’t carve until you are ready to display it. Keep it out of extreme heat and protect from frost.
  • Power tools make carving big pumpkins much easier.

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