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Rainbows, Kittens, and Killer Baby Unicorns

2016 Treinen Farm Corn Maze

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What is a Treinen Farm Corn Maze?


  • A living puzzle designed and cultivated by the Treinen family
  • 15 acres–that’s nearly 15 football fields of corn!
  • Over 6 miles of twisty turns filled with clues for solving the puzzle
  • A mission with chances to win prizes
  • A unique outdoor challenge
  • Really really fun!

Worried you’ll be lost forever? Don’t be! 98% of maze goers make it out within 30 days or less, and we find the rest when we harvest in November…

Rainbows, Kittens, and Killer Baby Unicorns Corn Maze

Why, you ask? Because kittens are cute, rainbows with smiles are adorable, narwals and tiny baby rhinos are amazing, and unicorns are…UNICORNS!  And what could make a unicorn even more awesome than its already amazing self? If it was a Killer BABY Unicorn. Obviously.

Inspirations for the 2016 corn maze

Unicorn maze design

This year’s maze is based on all of the amazingly cute things we can find on the Internet: cupcakes with faces! Ninja Kitties! NARWALS NARWALS NARWALSNARWALSNARWALSNARWALSNARWALSNARWALSNARWALS

And Unicorns. So many ways to describe unicorns: adorable, beautiful, menacing, bloodthirsty…

  • Narwals because they are the unicorns of the sea
  • A tiny baby rhino because rhinos are real-life unicorns
  • Kitties because they are funny and there would be no internet without them. These kitties are ninjas.
  • Rainbows because they go with unicorns, and also are symbols of gender-diversity
  • The unicorn is wearing an infinity symbol, which is a symbol of neurodiversity
  • Art Inspiration: This year I experimented with a cute, cartoony style, inspired by the Japanese art style “Kawaii” (meaning “cute”. )

Unicorns are elegant, beautiful, mythical creatures. They have been the subject of art, literature, and legends for hundreds of years.

Unicorn and Maiden

But here’s the thing: they are also terrifying, because they can stab you with their heads…

Curious how we create the maze each year? Check it out…

Children’s Maze 2016

A Uni-Corn

Uni-Corn Children's Maze

Not everyone’s ready for the big maze challenge, but take some time to explore our much smaller Children’s maze. You’ll get just a little lost, and you can play the Finger Fun Game while you’re in there.

Thomas and Finger Fun Red Fingers Finger Fun


The Classic YouTube Series

Charlie the Unicorn

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