This won’t come as a surprise, but we are very sad to announce that we are canceling Zompocalypse 2020.




Experience an evening dedicated to all things zombie. Come in zombie attire, and relish the simple pleasures of shambling, moaning, and terrifying survivors. Or come as a battle-weary human survivor, and endure zombie-appropriate dance music, zombie-themed entertainment, food, bonfires, and losing yourself in a zombie-infested cornfield.

Hordes of zombies and survivors visit the Treinen Farm Zompocalypse every year to scare and be scared.  

You’ve been warned.

Zombie masks or make up... easy-peasy

Everybody loves zombies!

What happens

When it happens

Admission for Zompocalypse begins. No scary costumes or scaring people until after 6 pm5 pm
Shambling, moaning, and scaring: zombies in the corn maze7:00pm - 10:00 pm
DJ: music and fun in the farmyard. Participate or watch zombies dance!7 pm-ish to 11 pm-ish
Zombie Horde (get ready to video or participate in this unique and terrifying activity)Starts 10:30 pm
Food: Really delicious actual food (sorry, no human brains will be served)7:00pm - 10:30pm
Bonfires7:00pm - 11:30 pm
Last maze admission (there will not be zombies in maze after 10:00 pm, so plan accordingly)10:30pm
Farm closes11:30 pm

READ MORE about Zompocalypse here

Why? Why are we doing this?

We like zombies.



How scary is this event?

Not super scary. With this many people,tons dressed as zombies, all wandering around, it’s actually very funny. Even the scaring in the maze is hilarious–it’s not like you’ll be walking all alone in a cornfield in the dead of night and meet a group of the undead. The event is well-attended, very good-natured, and fun. Some costumes are remarkably disgusting, though…


Do I have to wear a costume?

No, but dressing up for an event like this is fun, and a very large percentage of Zompocalypse-goers dress up as either zombies or survivors. And some people dress up in random costumes for no particular reason, and that’s cool, too.

Does my costume have to be awesome?

Being a zombie is pretty easy–You could go with just a little dark makeup under the eyes and in the hollows of the cheeks, maybe a grey-white skin tone. Or take it to the next level: a few fake wounds, and maybe a little fake blood. Want to go all out? I’m thinking shreds of flesh clinging to your skeletal face, a few gallons of blood, maybe a torn out throat kind of thing…

The acting is easy, too. Anyone can look dazed and/or hungry for human flesh; just add the moaning and shambling and you are transformed into one of the most terrifying creatures of all time (unless you can’t stop laughing, of course, which is usually what happens on Zompocalypse night…zombies are not only scary and creepy and gory, but there’s something slightly hilarious about them.)


Can I bring a weapon?

No–we cannot allow weapons of any kind, not even toys. (You can be a zombie or a zombie apocalypse survivor, but not a zombie hunter.)

I'm a zombie novice. What should I do?

Study hard. See below for zombie resources, like TV shows, movies, books, links to zombie websites, etc. (You’ve still got time to watch at least Season One of The Walking Dead, and maybe Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead.)

Will there be alcohol at this event?

No. Alcohol is not served or allowed at the Treinen Farm. And that includes the parking lot. There are no carry-ins on Zompocalypse night.

When should I arrive?

Zombies will be in the maze from 7 pm – 10:00 pm, so most people arrive between 7 and 8 and head right into the maze. The zombie horde activity will start at 10:30 pm (most zombies will be out of the maze at that point, although some may linger.) Everything starts to wind down after 11:00 pm, and the farm closes around 11:30 pm.

I don't like zombies--can I just drop off my kids?

Anyone under fourteen must have an adult with them AT ALL TIMES at the farm, including in the maze. So no, you can’t just drop and run…


Shambling, moaning, scaring

All the brains you can eat

Terrifying costumes encouraged but not required

Trust us–it’s strangely fun to walk around in a partially decayed state…




  • It’s okay to stay home.  Zompocalypse is not for the faint of heart.  Zombies are peaceful creatures (except when eating humans, that is), so we don’t expect problems on Zompocalypse night.  But we admit that zombies can be unsettling, especially in hordes.  We recommend this event for teenagers and adults, and only very brave younger children (who should attend only with parents).
  • Be a peaceful creature.  Play nice.  This is a family-friendly event (as odd as that sounds when you are talking about a zombie event.)
  • No speedy zombies allowed. We decree that all zombies at the Treinen Farm shall be “slow zombies.” Yes, we realize that some of you may argue that “fast zombies” (e.g., 28 Days Later) are better than “slow zombies,”  (e.g., The Walking Dead) but we’ve got the final say on Zompocalypse night since we made this event up.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted. This includes toy weapons. You may be a zombie, but you may not be a zombie hunter.
  • All maze rules must be followed.  
    • Visitors under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the maze. This rule is strictly enforced.
    • Do no damage.  No cutting through the corn, picking corn, or otherwise damaging the maze or the mailboxes, fence posts, etc. Violation will get you removed from the maze and possibly the farm.
    • No smoking.  Dry corn and grass surfaces do not play well with fire.  Smoking is not allowed at the Treinen Farm.
    • No alcohol or other intoxicants are allowed at the farm, including in the parking lot.  No carry-ins on zombie night.











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