pretty pond2020 Update  as of 10/1/20
We’ve been open almost daily since August 8, so we have been working on our systems, flow through the farm, and covid safety protocols. We take the risks from covid very seriously, and we are constantly monitoring how people interact throughout their visits to the farm. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what to expect at the farm, so here is some info.
— Angie
1) We have limited our attendance to about 25% of our capacity, so there is a lot of space to spread out. (Keep in mind, though, that with ticket sales limited, you might not be able to purchase them the day of your visit if you are planning for a weekend day–definitely purchase ahead of time. We will not likely sell out for any weekdays, though.)
2) We require masks in the tunnel, ticketing/pumpkin payment areas/retail, and when interacting with our staff. In other areas of the farm, like the maze, pumpkin patches, and the hiking areas, we ask visitors to use masks if they cannot easily socially distance. This seems to be going very well and the vast majority of visitors are careful and very considerate of others.
3) Very young children (5 and under) are not required to wear masks, although it is recommended when they are able to.
4) The one area of congestion that we’ve seen is on the slides at Molehill Mountain on some of the weekend afternoons. The number of children playing there ebbs and flows, so usually if it seems crowded, visitors will go do something else for a while until there are fewer kids there.
5) Weekdays are much more lightly attended, and you can see how many tickets we’ve sold for each time slot when you are on our ticket purchase page. Use this info to plan your visit for a day/time that you feel comfortable with.
6) Throughout the farm, you will see signage and physical barriers that are reminders of the need for physical distancing and extra care when interacting with our staff and with other visitors.
7) We have closed all of the indoor areas of the farm for safety. Our plan is that you won’t need to tell the kids “no, you can’t go in there” — the corn pit, haymow, and Little Farmer area are simply not available. No need to guess or hope that an area is “safe.” This is the year to take a hike or explore the Fairy Woods rather than play in the haymow.
8) For covid reasons, we do not have our normal food vendors (I am really struggling without the chili dogs and fried mac ‘n cheese bites…) We do have apple cider donuts, premade sandwiches, and a variety of drinks and snacks, though. You may bring food into the farm, and we have plenty of picnic tables everywhere.
9) Getting back to ticket sales–yes, Wisconsin weather is unpredictable, so it’s hard to buy advance tickets. But keep in mind that you can change the date/time on your tickets by contacting us. It’s not a problem at all. To repeat: we have been selling out for weekend days with decent weather. Please plan ahead.
10) We have opened a large area for hiking, visiting an amazing scenic overlook, and exploring the woods. (And then there are the Fairy Doors!) Consider planning a little extra time to check it out.
11) Visitors who were here last year often ask about the mud situation in the maze — and right now, it’s just fine! A little slippery if it’s just rained, but NOTHING like last year…
We are so glad to be open and to talk to visitors and to see people enjoying themselves outdoors. It feels “normal” in a way that’s sometimes missing from 2020. So, come on out. Pick a time that feels right for you. Relax and be outside and explore the maze and choose the perfect pumpkin. It’s going to be okay.
Angie, Alan, and the Treinen Farm staff

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