Extra Credit

Circle Maze

For the truly dedicated maze nerd

The Circle Maze Challenge

  1. Come up with your team name.
  2. Find the Circle Maze. (That’s actually part of the challenge.)
  3. Find all of the numbers in the Circle Maze, add them up, and tell the Prize Station staff what you got for a total. (No, we will not reveal how many numbers there are.)
  4. The Prize Station staff will tell you if you are correct, and then will rank you on the Maze Nerdiness Scale. (You must decide whether to brag about your ranking or keep it your own little secret…)

Extra credit

Meet someone you don’t know in the Circle Maze. Help each other out. Ask them what their favorite Treinen Farm maze has been. (If this is their first time, then ask what their favorite animal is.)  Report your findings to the Prize Station staff.


Prizes include gold stars and an abiding sense of personal pride and satisfaction.  The Prize Station staff will award gold stars randomly or as deemed appropriate, according to their mood and/or whim.  You are responsible for your own personal pride/satisfaction. Team rankings will be added to the daily Leaderboard on an arbitrary, biased basis.  

Actual testimonials from “real people”

“The best part of my job is telling people to get lost. I love it. I just love it. That’s not wrong, is it?”

Angie Treinen

Chief Amazement Officer, Treinen Farm

It appears that some of these circles extend into the 4th dimension as hyperspheres. Fascinating. But probably not very safe.

Dr. Stranger-Than-Fiction

N-Dimensional Mathematician, University of A-Maze-ing-Ness

If you go in this maze, I will find you. I will sit in your lap. You will pet me. That is how it’s going to go down. Any questions?


Head Cat, Treinen Farm

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