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For school and youth groups ages pre-K through Grade 12

The 2019 Crane Dance Corn Maze is available for field trips through mid-November. Pumpkin Patch field trips are available through October 31, or by request after that date.

How to book your field trip

When you click on Book a Field Trip you will be taken to our online booking calendar.

  1. Select a field trip — pumpkin patch, corn maze, or the both maze and pumpkin patch
  2. Select a day and time of arrival — If you do not see an opening at your preferred arrival time, please contact us and we will see what we can do–the actual scheduling is more of an art than a science.
  3. Field trips are available on weekdays (when we are not open to the public) only.
  4. Enter approximate size of group
  • We accept credit cards, school or business checks, or we can send an invoice to you or to your school.
  • We do not require a deposit, and you will not be asked for a credit card when using the booking form.
  • However, if you need to cancel, we ask if you will let us know as soon as possible.
  • Coupons or other offers are not valid for field trip pricing.

We are always happy to help you schedule your group, answer any questions you may have, or to help you design a field trip that meets your needs.


Optional Add-Ons

Reserve these on booking form

  • Pumpkin Slingshot — $1.00 for 3 tries — Shoot a mini pumpkin or gourd at a floating target on the pond.  A field trip favorite! Add to field trip price or have kids bring money to do on their own.
  • Jacob’s Ladder — $1.00 for 2 tries — Attempt to climb our rope ladder without flipping it over and landing in the soft hay.  It looks easy, but it’s very challenging.  Fun to do and watch. Add to field trip price or have kids bring money to do on their own.
  • Gemstone Mining — $4.00 per student — Sluice for gemstones, and take home precious stones.  Includes guide to types of stones.  Hands-on fun.
  • Concession Stand — Let us know if you want students to be able to purchase snacks and drinks.


Plan for a wonderful time

Tell your students to bring:

  • A water bottle — There are no drinking fountains at the farm. 
  • Appropriate shoes  — Sometimes it’s muddy…
  • Dress in layers
  • An old pillowcase or plastic grocery bag makes a good pumpkin carrier.  

Lunch, drinks, or snacks – our concession stand is typically not open during the week.  If you would like the concession stand open for your students to purchase snacks, you can let us know on your booking form. You are welcome to use our picnic areas — just let us know so we can accommodate all groups who would like to eat lunch or a snack here. 

Drinking Water: There are no drinking fountains here at the farm, so be sure to have your kids bring water bottles, or consider bringing jugs of water and paper cups, especially in warm weather.


  • Do not use rely  on your GPS or internet map program without first checking out the map on our Directions page.
  • Let your bus driver know: Do not pull your bus or vehicle into the farm entrance.  Follow the parking signs to our parking lot across the highway.  There is a tunnel under the road for students to safely enter the farm.

Once you’re here

  • All children must be supervised at all times. Bring as many chaperones as you can (minimal charge for chaperones who will ride the hayride wagons; all other chaperones are no charge.)
  • An adult must accompany student groups in the maze.  We advise one adult per 4-8 kids if possible.
  • Handwashing is a must at a farm!  Hand sanitizing/washing stations are located throughout the farm.

Help us help you have a great time

  • Special needs — We really want each visitor to have a great time, so please let us know in advance if there is anything that will help your class have the best field trip ever!  We especially welcome students with special needs. We can accommodate wheelchairs on the wagon rides (let us know in advance, though) and some wheelchairs are okay in in the maze.  Let us know if any of your kids has serious allergies to hay or other farm allergens, or if any student has concerns about any activity.
  • Cell phones are sometimes iffy at the farm.  You can use our landline if needed, and can give it to your office staff in case of emergency (608-622-7407.)
  • Don’t let bad weather spoil your plans. Call us if the weather looks threatening.  We have indoor areas and can modify activities for wet weather so hopefully you won’t have to cancel your trip entirely. We’ll try very hard to find a time to reschedule your group if you must cancel because of weather.

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