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The Elephant’s Child

2018 Treinen Farm Corn Maze

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The story behind the maze

“The Elephant’s Child” is a Just-So Story about how the elephant got its long nose. Here’s the very very short version of the story:

A very curious  elephant’s child (who only had a small nose, you see) was always asking questions: why does the giraffe have spots? Why does the zebra have stripes? And one day, the elephant’s child wanted to know what the crocodile liked to eat for dinner. (As you can imagine, this is not likely to end well…)

And so, the elephant’s child went down to the river to ask the crocodile what he liked for dinner (this is all against the advice of the Bi-coloured-Python-Rock-Snake and the Kolokolo Bird, who knew what the crocodile was up to.) The crocodile told the elephant’s child to come close and he would whisper the answer–and then he grabbed the elephant’s nose and pulled so hard that the nose got longer and longer! The elephant’s child managed to get free, but his nose stayed long, and ever since then all elephants have long, useful noses. (Bet you didn’t see that coming!)






The Elephant’s Child

Treinen Farm’s Elephant Child maze was inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So” story “The Elephant Child,” written in 1902.  Kipling was an English journalist, short-story writer, poet, and novelist.  He was born in India, which inspired much of his work.  He may be most well-known for his children’s story, The Jungle Book.  “Click here to read the Rudyard Kipling Story, “The Elephant’s Child.” 

And here’s a shortened, kind of retro animated version…

Curious how we create the maze each year? Check it out…


What is a Treinen Farm Corn Maze?

  • A living puzzle designed and cultivated by the Treinen family
  • 15 acres–that’s nearly 15 football fields of corn!
  • Over 6 miles of twisty turns filled with clues for solving the puzzle
  • A mission with chances to win prizes
  • A unique outdoor challenge
  • Really really fun!

All will be well… eventually

Worried you’ll be lost forever? Don’t be! 98% of maze goers make it out within 30 days or less, and we find the rest when we harvest in November…

How We Created the Elephant’s Child Maze

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