Saturday, October 25, 2014
7 pm - midnight
(last admission to maze 10:30 pm)

Experience an evening dedicated to all things zombie.  Come in costume, and enjoy the simple pleasures of shambling around, moaning, and terrifying human survivors.  Music, zombie-themed entertainment, costume and trivia contests, food, bonfires, getting lost in a zombie-infested cornfield...

The undead can be a little scary, so this event may be too intense for sensitive persons. Costumes strongly suggested but not required. 

What's Happening on Zombie Night
  • Starts 7pm
  • Shambling around, moaning, scaring civilians in the corn maze (all evening)
  • Zombie video gaming (7pm)
  • Food:  bison burgers, ribeye sandwiches, sweet potato fries, hot chocolate, s'mores, and more (all evening)
  • Bonfires (all evening)
  • Zombie videos clips 8:30 pm
  • Costume Parade 9 pm
  • More zombies in the maze, zombies by the fire, zombies eating nachos, zombies roastng marshmallows, etc.
  • More gaming and video clips until 11 pm
  • Last maze admission 10:30 pm, farm closes at midnight


Q  and A with Treinen Farm Zompocalypse Mastermind, Angie Treinen:
Q: So, why zombies? They're everywhere--what's the appeal?
A: Zombies are not only scary and creepy and gory, but there's something slightly hilarious about them. And being a zombie is easy--just a little dark makeup under the eyes and in the hollows of the cheeks, maybe a grey-white skin tone. You might want to go with a few fake wounds, and maybe a little fake blood, and then the moaning and shambling about, of course...  Anyone can look dazed and/or hungry for human flesh, so there's no need to worry about a complicated or elaborate costume (unless you want to win the costume contest, that is (see photo of the 2011 winner, the Undead Easter Bunny.)
Q: Do I have to wear a costume?
A: Let me put it this way: if you are not a zombie, then you are a civilian. Guess who gets chased by the zombies? No weapons will be allowed, so you will be defenseless civilian. That actually may be quite entertaining for those of us who are dressed up as zombies.

Q: What happens at Zompocalypse?
A: Show up in costume and join the hordes shambling about in the corn maze, then warm up by a bonfire and have something to eat (zombies love nachos, by the way. And s'mores.) Zombie activities start at 8:30 pm by the stage as we get ready for the Zombie Costume Contest at 9:30 pm. it's an all-zombies-all-the-time kind of night.
Q: Are you working on your costume?
A: Of course. I think I'm going to go for a shredded throat look, maybe a few blood vessels hanging out. Disgusting.
Q: Where can I get more information about zombies?
A: See below for zombie resources, like TV shows, movies, books, links to zombie websites, etc.
Recommended Resources to help you prepare for Zompocalypse at the Treinen Farm:
TV Series:
World War Z by Max Brooks 
Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness:

  • Zombies can in general be kind of freaky, especially in large hordes. Our suggestion is that this event is appropriate for teenagers and adults, and (very brave) younger children should attend only with parents.
  • Which brings us to our rule for the maze: no one under 14 is allowed in the maze without a parent or other adult chaperone at all times. This rule is strictly enforced.
  • Another maze rule: no cutting through the corn, picking corn, or otherwise damaging the maze or the mailboxes, fence posts, etc. Violation will get you removed from the maze and possibly the farm. Zombies tend to be mostly peaceful creatures (except when eating humans, that is) and so we don't anticipate many problems on Zompocalypse night.
  • We decree that all zombies at the Treinen Farm are "slow zombies." Yes, we realize that some of you may argue that "fast zombies" (e.g. 28 Days Later) are better than "slow zombies,"  (e.g. The Walking Dead) but we've got the final say on Zompocalypse night since we made this event up.
  • No weapons of any kind are allowed. This includes toy weapons. You can be a zombie, but not a zombie hunter.
  • Zombies may arrive at the farm as early as 7 pm. Last maze admission will be at 10:30 pm. The farm will close at midnight.
  • Admission for Zompocalypse is $10.00 for all ages.
  • Play nice. This is a family-friendly event (as odd as that sounds when you are talking about a zombie event.)
  •  Smoking is not allowed at the Treinen Farm (dry corn and grass surfaces do not play well with fire.)
  • We will have several public bonfire sites available to warm up at, and lots of food for purchase.
  • No alcohol or other intoxicants are allowed at the farm, including in the parking lot. No carry-ins on zombie night.