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Natural Play at the Treinen Farm


Definition of Natural Play

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Natural play is:

What kids do when adults aren’t telling them what to do.

What kids do when they are in an interesting, sensory-rich environment.

What kids do when they’re climbing trees, making mud pies, building dens, and running around for no particular reason.

What kids do when they are in a natural setting (think grass, dirt, rocks, trees, hills, etc.)

What kids do when they’re turned loose to make up their own play.


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About Natural Play

When you grow up on a farm, you have plenty of opportunities for natural play. Our kids grew up climbing in the haymow, rambling around in the woods, and getting really wet and muddy. We’d like our visitors to have a chance to experience unstructured play in many farm settings. We strive to make play areas out of natural or recycled materials, to provide a rich sensory experience, and to encourage healthy risk-taking. 


Recipe for Natural Play

Follow this easy recipe for childhood magic

Wood (logs, branches, structures)

Dirt (mud, sand)

Rock (pebbles, stones, boulders)

Ropes (for climbing and swinging)


Ladders, flags, blocks, balls, etc.

See how high you can climb. Fall down and get up. Build something amazing. Get dirty. Make a new friend. Tell a story. Hide. Notice a bug. Notice a cloud shaped like a bug. Wonder why trees have bark. Pilot a spaceship. Have a battle. Be a spider. Race. Hop.

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