Maze Field Trips

Treinen Farm  corn maze field tripsTell your kids to get lost! This field trip is recommended for Grades 3 on up, as it can be 45 minutes to an hour or more of walking.  Navigating the maze—a 15-acre living puzzle cut into a field of corn—takes  map-reading skills, teamwork, and determination. We recommend dividing your class into groups of 4-6 students with one adult chaperone, and letting the kids read the map through the twists, turns, and dead ends.  Our staff gives each team their mission and sends them into the labyrinth of twisting passages in ten foot high corn. Treinen farm Corn maze field trips tire playground

Once they make it out (and they all do—eventually) the kids can explore the farm, especially the Molehill Mountain Adventure Area.  Racing down the double forty foot tube slides, driving the pedal karts, climbing the tire challenge, zooming down the underground slide, exploring the Creepy Cave... your group can enjoy the farm on your time frame.  You can select from the optional activities, including a hayride with or without pumpkin picking, nature hike, pumpkin slingshot, Jacob's Ladder, and brief presentations on maze creation. Our corn maze always has an extra dimension of math coolness if you'd like your students to explore those concepts.
HERE is maze map on a grid for classroom use
The Meaning in the Maze--cool concepts to share with students from our 2012 Technology Maze.
Corn Maze Field Trip (Grades 3-12)
$5.00 per student, no charge for adult chaperones
  • 15 acre map-reading teamwork challenge in the corn maze
  • Molehill Mountain Adventure Area
  • Picnic Areas
  • Optional interactive discussion of math concepts in the corn maze or how we make the maze. HERE is map for classroom use
  • Optional Activities: Pumpkin Slingshot, Jacob's Ladder, Horse Drawn Hayrides
Field Trips Including BOTH Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch (Horse Drawn Hayride + choice of pumpkin from the patch)
$9.00 per student see HERE for pumpkin patch descriptions)
Note: For the pumpkin patch, school staff are free and parents are $2.00. This does not include a pumpkin. Adults can pay the child price if they'd like to pick a pumpkin.)

Optional Activities:
Pumpkin Slingshot: $1.00 for 3 tries
Shoot a mini-pumpkin or gourd at a floating target on the pond—year after year, this is the most talked about activity at the farm!
Jacob's Ladder: $1.00 for 2 tries
 It looks easy, but it's very challenging - students attempt to climb a rope ladder without it flipping over and tossing them into the soft pile of hay.  Very fun to do and to watch.
Horse Drawn Wagon Ride (no pumpkin): $2.00 per person (minimum 15)
A 20 minute horse drawn wagon ride through the beautiful countryside.  (This option is only for groups who are paying for the maze and would also like to have a ride, but do not want pumpkins.)
Gemstone Mining:  $4.00 per student
Students sluice for gemstones and take home precious stones. Includes guide to types of stones. Very fun and hands-on.
Nature Hike: $1.00 per student , minimum 15  
A 20 minute guided hike up a scenic hillside. Explanation of native Wisconsin ecosystems and the changes brought on by the homesteading and subsequent farming of the land. (Note: hike is over very rough ground—call for details.)
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