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The HexaMaze

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For the truly dedicated maze nerds…

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Step #1: Find the HexaMaze. You can only access the HexaMaze from the main corn maze. 

Step #2: Find all of the numbers in the HexaMaze, add them up, and tell us what you got for a total (no, we will not reveal how many numbers there are.)

Step #3: The Prize Station staff will tell you if you are correct, and then will rank you on the Maze Nerdiness Scale. (You must decide whether to brag about your ranking or keep it your own little secret…)

Step #4: Extra credit #1: One of the numbers is not real. Plan accordingly.

Step #5: Extra credit #2: Meet someone you don’t know in the HexaMaze. Help each other out. Ask them what their favorite Treinen Farm maze has been (If this is their first time, then ask what their favorite animal is.) Report your findings to the Prize Station staff.

Gold stars will be awarded randomly or as deemed appropriate by the Prize Station staff. The Leaderboard will be an arbitrary, biased account of team rankings for the day. You will need to provide a team name…you may commence arguing with your teammates at any point.

I just wandered over here to look for fossils. I don’t know what’s happening.

Professor Sparkles

Chief Paleontologist, University of A-Maze-ing-Ness

“This maze is a-maze-ing in a different way: our main maze is about navigation using a map, while for this maze, you don’t get a map. You need to survive by your wits alone.”

Angie Treinen

Chief Amazement Officer, Treinen Farm

I’ve actually been lost in this maze for over 300 million years. It’s nice. You’ll like it here. Don’t be afraid.

Calymene celebra

State Fossil, State of Wisconsin