Consider us for your next gathering. We can schedule groups for a visit during our regular hours or times that we are not normally open, too--just let us know what you have in mind.

Parties & Events
The Treinen Farm is a unique, beautiful setting for group events of all kinds. From a small team building event or laid-back evening around a campfire, to a large, high-energy company picnic, we can accomodate groups of all sizes and needs. Complete party planning is available for events -- let us take the stress out of your next company party or corporate event.

$45.00 We build the fire and provide the wood, benches, and/or picnic tables for your private area. Reservations required, weekends fill up quickly.
Book now or check availability or call (608) 622-7407 today! 
Group Rates for the Corn Maze or Pumpkin Patch
If you have a group of 20 or more, you can receive $1.00 off per person if you pay with one transaction.  You can come during regular hours or arrange a private time for your group.
Corporate Events
We love hosting company parties -- relax and let us take care of the details. (Available throughout late summer and fall.)
Employee Appreciation Events/Employee Advance Tickets
We'll help you plan for a great employee event or benefit -- tell your employees to get lost...
Team Building
You learn a lot about a person when you're lost in a sea of corn together, with little hope of rescue...
Party Planning Service
We can customize your group event -- just call to give us an idea of what you have in mind, or let us help you brainstorm. Here are some possibilities: Hayrides, campfires, volleyball, horseshoes, pumpkin slingshot, catered meals, live entertainment, DJ, popcorn/snocones/cotton candy, kid's games with prizes, "surviver-type games," team building with professional facilitator, moon bounce, tug-of-war, egg toss, field games for various ages, additional tent or tables and chairs, prizes/awards ceremony for team competition in corn maze... These are just a few of the possibilities. We can give you a quote after we discuss your needs. 

Do you have a workplace and coworkers? Want to get out of the office on a gorgeous fall day? Here's how:

  • Casually suggest to HR or other management that your team seems a little fragmented and maybe it's time for a little team-building.
  • Wait a day or so, then bring it up again, this time mentioning that you've heard of rival workgroups or businesses going to a team-building at a "corn maze." Act confused and wonder out loud what that could possibly be.
  • The next day, go to and print out a photo of our latest corn maze, and maybe a few photos of the farm. Hang them on your wall in a prominent location.
  • Secretly come to the Treinen Farm ahead of time and master the maze. 
  • Offer to lead your team-building event, immediately winning a gold star for "taking initiative."  Call us and we'll help you work out the details, and you'll take all the credit. There's lots of options, like bonfire areas, catered meals or bring your own food, and even team-building games like "Barnyard Olympics.
  • Come to the maze. You'll seem extra smart, since you know the maze, and you'll also seem extra organized with "leadership qualities," since we'll have planned everything in advance.
NOTE: This method also works with non-work groups like book clubs, mom's groups, church groups, Red Hat groups, even just plain friends, etc. We can tailor the event to your group's needs.
Email or call for group info. (608) 622-7407