There’s so many choices for admission packages — how do I choose?

We want to make sure everyone has a great time at the Treinen Farm, so it’s kind of a Choose-Your-Own Adventure. Here’s some help:

Are you up for an hour or more of walking?

Want to win prizes and impress your friends? Try the big maze (here’s how you solve it) and then be sure to stop at the prize station. Maze Adventure and Do-It-All each include the big maze.

Are you looking for that perfect pumpkin?

Purchase the Pumpkin Patch Fun or Do-It-All admission package and you get a scenic hayride to the 14-acre pumpkin patch and a ticket* good for your choice of any one pumpkin from anywhere on the farm.  Or, if you’d rather walk, you can purchase pick an admission package without a hayride (Maze Adventure or Farm Only) and walk to a pumpkin patch. There are plenty of pre-picked pumpkins all around the farm to choose from as well. 


*Turn your ticket in at the exit gate for your pumpkin. Without a ticket, pumpkins are priced by size from $3 (little’uns) to $10 (massive.)
Got little ones?

All ages love the hayrides, farm activities, and the Children’s Maze, but think twice before you hit the big maze with anyone under seven-ish–it’s not always easy to get out, and it can be a lot of walking. (However, all-terrain strollers work well on the maze trails.)

Got really little ones?

Admission for ages two and under is free (pumpkin and additional fee activities not included, though…)

Just want to play? (Or sit by the bonfire?)

Farm General Admission* includes the farm play and activity areas–hours of fun for all ages.

  • Natural Play Area
  • Molehill Mountain Slide Adventure Area
  • Tractor Tire Playground
  • Children’s Maze and Finger Fun Game
  • Friendly Farm Animals
  • Hay Mow Fort and Spider Web
  • Little Farmer Area
  • Picnic and Concessions Area
  • Baby Animals–goats, bunnies, kittens, chicks, calves, piglets
  • Dress A Scarecrow
  • Silo Climber
  • Giant Chess/Checkers/Lasso a Cow/Dooryard Games
  • Hand Pump Duck Races
  • Gaga Ball
  • Shops– grab a snack or a souvenir

All other packages also include farm play and activity areas. Check out the activity areas here.

*Does not include the BIG MAZE, the hayride, or a pumpkin. Additional fees for Pumpkin Slingshot, Gemstone Mining, Jacob’s Ladder, and Pony Rides

Want a hayride?

Pumpkin Patch Fun and Do-It-All packages include the hayride and your choice of any pumpkin. You can pick a giant one, or one perfect for a tabletop decoration. 

What items are an additional charge?

Pumpkin Slingshot $1.00 for 3 tries

Jacob’s Ladder $1.00 for 2 tries

Bounce House $1.00

Pony Rides (when available) $5.00

Gemstone Mining $5.00


Can I just take a hayride?

Pumpkin Patch Fun and the Do-It-All packages include the horse-drawn hayride to the pumpkin patch (and your pumpkin.) Or, you can add a hayride (without a pumpkin) onto a Maze Adventure or Farm Admission Only package for $4.00.

Note: All hayrides go to the pumpkin patch. Even if you aren’t getting a pumpkin, hop off the wagon, pet the horses, and enjoy the fall colors.

Do I have to pay extra for the Children's Maze?

No. The Children’s Maze is a small corn maze that you won’t get very lost in, so it’s good for all ages. It’s included in all admission packages. It includes the Finger Fun Game–find the five stations in the maze, color your fingertips, and then perform your Finger Funny.