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Reserve a Private Bonfire

We provide the wood, benches, a picnic table, and build the fire. 
$50 for three hours (in additional to admission fee per person)

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Your bonfire questions answered


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Can I bring food to roast over the fire?

YES, please do. 



What about s’mores?

Of course you need s’mores… We sell everything you need in our shop, or bring your own.


Can we bring coolers/chairs/misc household items?



How many people can fit around a fire or in each bonfire area?

If you have more than about 25 in your group, consider reserving 2 or more bonfire areas.


Can we wear costumes?

Umm…sure. I guess.


Can we pick where our bonfire will be?

If you’ve been here before and have a strong preference, you can let us know on the booking form and we’ll see what we can do…


Can we carve pumpkins at our bonfire area?

Yes, but let us know in advance so we can protect picnic tables with newspaper and make sure you have a trash barrel handy.


Can we tell scary stories?

Yes, but not that one about the couple in the car and the serial killer with the hook instead of a hand and then they drive away and the hook is stuck in the car door. We hate that one.


Do we need to pay in advance?

No, but please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel so we can open the site up.


Does everyone need to pay admission or can some people in the group just come in to sit by the fire?

Everyone must pay admission (see Hours and Admission page.)


Special Events

Schedule a group
outside of normal hours

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