Horse-drawn Wagon Rides the Treinen Farm gentle giant draft horses

Hayrides and Horses

14 acres of pumpkins

More than 15 varieties, from midgets to giants, for carving, decorating, and cooking

Pumpkin Patch


Rope a steer, climb a spider web, slide down a mountain...

Fun stuff for little kids

Bring your group

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Treinen Farm Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch

Hours and Admission

Fun, fun, fun

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Corn Maze

Miles and miles of twisty trails in ten-foot-high corn.  Challenge yourself to navigate the diabolically awesome 15 acre maze. Piece together your map-puzzle to find your way out–prizes for finding the SECRET locations!


Bring a picnic or try our fall food vendors. Explore the scenic fields and barns. Visit friendly farm animals. Take lots of pictures!

Horses and Hayrides

Ride in a real hay wagon drawn by a team of our massive but gentle draft horses.

Pumpkin patch

Big, little, wide, tall pumpkins.  The perfect pumpkin is waiting for you.

Ways to Play

Climb, crawl and slide at Molehill Mountain. Try your hand at the milking and roping games. Slingshot pumpkins into the pond. Climb Jacob’s Ladder. Spend the day playing.


Pretend to desire to eat brains. Pretend to be scared. Or pretend that you’re not scared. Zompocalypse is the lurching, moaning event of the season.


Bonfire + s’mores + Laughing with family and friends = Great Day (or Night) at the Farm


The only thing more fun than getting lost by yourself is getting lost with a bunch of other people who should have eaten before they left.

Field trips

Tell those kids to get lost. Give them a flag to prove you don’t mean it.

Ever wonder how we create the maze? Watch this video...

And more famousness...

Architectural Digest

Seasonal scoreboard


located all maze secret locations


ate too much kettle corn


found perfect pumpkin


Happy Smiles

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