We are closed for the season, but we are booking parties and events for 2015

Here's a first look at our 2015 Fox and the Grapes Corn Maze 

2105 Treinen Farm Fox and the Grapes Corn Maze

Curious how we cut the 15 acre maze? Check out our new video HERE

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Not sure where to go for your mandatory Wisconsin fall corn-mazing, pumpkin-picking, hay-riding extravaganza? Find out if the Treinen Farm is right for you.
Treinen Farm FAQs
Do you have a corn maze?
Are pumpkins orange? Is the sky blue? Yes, we have the awesome-est corn maze you will ever visit. At fifteen acres (that’s almost 15 football fields, for you Packer fans) and miles of twisty trails, our maze requires strategy, teamwork, and determination. You will not find a more complex maze design. Anywhere.
Okay, what about pumpkins?
Is corn yellow? Is a barn …(never mind) Yes, we have pumpkins. 20+ varieties, twelve acres. The perfect one is out there with your name on it. Go for it.
I want a real hayride. With real horses. And real hay, of course.
We’ve got that covered, too. Our thirteen draft horses team up to give scenic rides out to the pumpkin patch. And yes, you get to sit on real hay (is fake hay an actual thing?)
What about caramel apples kettle corn cider donuts hot dogs brats steak sandwiches popcorn chicken cheesy potato yummy things?
We knew you’d be hungry, so yes. Plus snacks. Lots of snacks. Or bring a picnic. (Food info here)
What kind of farm animals do you have?
Hungry goats, friendly sheep, an adorable alpaca, baby chicks, seriously cute calves. And kittens! Seven naughty kitties.
What is there for the kids to do?
Oh, just a few things. They can slide down the forty foot tube slides, crawl and climb on the tractor tire playground, check out the cave, climb on a giant spider web in a real hay barn, get twisted up in a web maze. Shoot the pumpkin slingshot, try the Jacob’s Ladder, bounce in the bouncy thing, play giant chess or giant Jenga, lasso a cow, hook the ring. Warning: you may have to drag them away at the end of the day.
Will I get lost in the maze?
Not permanently. We harvest November 15, and we find any stragglers then.
Are there prizes?
Are there pony rides and adorable kittens? What about a brand new haymow playground with a giant spider web to climb on and giant chess?
How did you know? These are some of the additions to the farm for 2014.

Can  I bring all my friends?
Yes. And think about reserving a bonfire area. Check out our Groups page for more info.
Can I come right now?
Yes! But only if "right now " is a weekend in October. (Or if you’ve called ahead to arrange for a visit when we do not have regular hours.) Here are our hours and dates. 
I don't know--I'm kind of a visual person. Can I see some pictures of what the farm's like?
Of course. Click here to be magically transported to our gallery of fun. 
No, I'm seriously visual--like videos.
Okay--this page is just for you. 
I'm in! How do I get to the farm? 
We are 20 miles north of Madison (five miles west of Lodi on State Road 60, to be precise. ) Think beautiful drive in the country, fall leaves, red barns, rustic roads. (But check out our map first--it's not cool to get lost before you even get to the maze, and country roads are not always GPS friendly...)
All right. Last question: Will you take my credit/debit card while I walk in with my three dogs, assorted firearms, and lots of alcohol?
Yes to the credit/debit cards, no to everything else. And no personal checks. And no smoking. And be nice to your sister.
Actual last question: Is this really a family farm?
Yes. Alan has lived here all his life and is a "real" farmer. He cuts the maze and does all the farmery stuff. Angie designs the maze and does all the computery stuff. The kids do helpful stuff, for the most part, and everyone else we know or are related to are recruited to help out in the fall.